Cyclonic combustion chamber

The Cyclonic Combustion Chamber (CCC) is a BRK in-house development, which can be offered in sizes from 10 to 40MWt in one single equipment. It has a horizontal design which is water-cooled chamber that is connected to the natural circulation of the boiler by an independent system of risers and down comers make it easy for fossil-to-biomass conversion projects.

The fuel feeding is done pneumatically and enters the chamber tangentially being immediately carried by combustion air coming from nozzles distributed all along the CCC. These nozzles are placed with an angle that creates a cyclonic movement of the particles, enhancing the residence time, turbulence, temperature distribution and therefore its combustion efficiency.

The system is specially designed to work with dry, fine dusty fuels like sawdust, sunflower husk MBM, etc.