Water Cooled Vibrating Grate

The Water Cooled Vibrating Gate (WCVG) is a BWE in-house design, which can be offered in sizes from 30 to 150 MWt. The design can be tailored to customer requirements and optimized for specific fuels like wheat straw, paddy straw, palm leaves, sugarcane top trash, wood chip etc. Specific fuel feeding systems are adapted depending on the type. Low density fuels typically require a double screw stoker, whereas high density fuels typically require spreader.

The WCVG is also an integrated part of the evaporator. Primary Air is introduced through a hole pattern and takes up only 30 % of the total air. The remaining 70 % is introduced as Ignition Air, Secondary Air and Overfire Air through injection nozzles placed above the grate, staging the combustion into the furnace for superior NOx formation control.

The water WCVG offers high availability and low maintenance costs. A typical lifetime is more than 10 years.